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Japanese quality in Kazakhstan

The range of health goods and services providing more comfortability in medical procedures are expanding every year.

Alcohol wipes for disinfection Elepha Wiper E and Elepha Cotton Eco E are one of those and made of 100% hygroscopic multilayer cotton material and impregnated with ethyl alcohol (76.9-81.4%). The product strongly satisfies standard of 3S -  SECURTY, STABILITY, SAFETY.

Alcohol wipes developed and produced in a factory of Hakuzo Medical Corporation, which had been established in Japan market moreover than 60 years ago. Elaboration and implementation of hygienic and disinfecting items for health care institutions are main areas among company’s leading directions.

Company NICHBAN CO.LTD is another manufacturer of medical products from Japan, produces hemostatic patches of four types:

Chushavan, Injection Pad, Stepti and Stepti P.

At Health Care exhibition 2014 in Düsseldorf Kazakhstan has been represented by NICHBAN CO.LTD as a partner among with European countries. Hemostatic patches are applicable in all types of injections. Plasters make the procedure comfortable primarily for the patient, and also facilitate and improve the work of medical health care personnel.

Hemostatic patches are varying by width, length and thickness of the gasket. These are the main indicators when the health worker chooses a certain type of this medical bandaging material to complete prescribed procedures.

The usage of hemostatic injection patches brings out advantages:

  • Ensuring the safety of the health worker while working with blood (a special substrate provides sterility of the injection field and the hemostatic patch directly from the back side).
  • Hemostasis - stopping blood is achieved by stretching the elastic part of the patch and direct mechanical pressing by a gasket. A patient does not need to pinch his arm in the elbow fold.
  • The material is hypoallergenic and packed in a sterile, individual package.
  • Convenient and aesthetic solution for the patient.
  • Procedure time optimization for a health worker, as well as reduction over purchase of additional supplies.


Both Japanese manufacturers Hakuzo Medical Corporation and NICHBANCO.LTD are represented in Kazakhstan by Company ACIS Distrbution Kazakhstan.

LLP ACIS Distribution Kazakhstan participates in the Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition -  KIHE in Almaty, Astana Zdorovie, international exhibition in Moscow in 2015. Another focus of ACIS Distribution Kazakhstan is providing acknowledgement for health care personnel across Kazakhstan by holding seminars.

In 2017 ACIS Distribution Kazakhstan provided with free hemostatic patches children's hospitals, palliative centers, blood centers, AIDS centers, cancer hospitals, hematology and hemodialysis departments in multidisciplinary clinics.

We endeavor to introduce the latest technologies, our products meet international requirements of safety and quality.