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ARRI Orbiter Illumination | Reshaped 11.11.2019


Orbiter is an ultra-bright, tunable, and directional LED fixture from ARRI. All systems in Orbiter are completely new and designed with versatility in mind.

The new device can work as an open-face lamp, soft light source, projector, ellipsoidal spot reflector, searchlight, china ball, etc. Power is approximately 400 W, which is approximately equal to the LED ARRI L10 equivalent.

The mount QLM (Quick Lighting Mount) gives an opportunity to install easily various nozzles, reflectors, and lenses on the Orbiter. A powerful directional beam allows you to shine from a long distance while maintaining sharp boundaries.

Interchangeable open-face optics allows you to get a beam with an angle of 15, 30 and 60 degrees. Two types of optics are available as a spotlight, which allow to obtain uniform illumination and color along the plane of the entire light spot.

China balls are available in three sizes - small (about 0.25m), medium (about 0.5m) and large (about 0.9m).  The QLM mount allows you to install Chimera and DoPchoice softboxes without additional adapters or lenses, turning the Orbiter into one large source of diffused light.

The device uses six-color LEDs (red, blue, green, amber, blue and lime), which results in 15% more color coverage, clearer transmission and a higher CRI (over 98), and TLCI on average more than 95. Color temperature is available in the range from 2000 to 20000K.

Orbiter has a lightweight built-in power supply and a 3-pin XLR for 48V batteries. The luminaire has a waterproof housing, due to which it can work in various weather conditions.

The device has a built-in light sensor, which allows you to automatically adjust the settings based on changes in ambient lighting. The device also saves metadata for subsequent restoration of the scene or VFX.

Orbiter has a removable control panel with a 4-inch display, a convenient menu and an intuitive interface.