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IBC'18 Amsterdam in total 19.09.2018



IBC in Amsterdam.  This event is main in the world of broadcastin which bringins together professionals in the field of digital technology and multimedia equipment to share knowledge and the latest innovations.

In 2017, IBC celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first opening of the exhibition.  At the first IBC exhibition, only 32 exhibitors presented their developments, and the conference consisted of 500 delegates.  Today IBC is the leading event on the world stage, attracting everyone who is involved in the creation, management and delivery of content.  For 6 days, a record number of 57669 people from 170 countries visited, including 1600 conference delegates and 400 speakers.  More than 1700 companies took part in the exhibition, occupying 16 rooms.

In 2018, the conference was held from 13 to 17 September, and the exhibition was held from 14 to 18 September.  This year's organizers have noted the growth of visitors from related markets, among which ACIS Distribution Kazakhstan was also represented.

 The IBC exhibition contains 13 thematic sections: audio and video technologies, video equipment, computer equipment, computer networks, network technologies, computer technologies, music electronics, multimedia, equipment for testing equipment, software, broadcasting technologies, television technologies, telecommunications, information technologies , satellite technology.

Several days of the exhibition and conference were full of meetings and negotiations.  Representatives of ACIS Dstribution managed to meet with partners and meet new companies.  While the doors of the RAI exhibition center were open and received visitors from around the world, we visited the ARRI stand, which presented its new product Stellar, an intelligent application for managing professional light. 




ARRI Stellar is a new intelligent app for professional lighting control available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Stellar simplifies lighting control by automatically managing complex DMX settings through the use of a graphic control interface. Programmed intelligence and advanced communication make connecting ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures to the app simple and straightforward.





The Manfrotto stand was represented by a full line of innovative video heads with the fluid system for the most accurate and the fastest set in the required angle of camera. NITROTECH N8 and N2 provide videographs with fluidity of the head during the shooting, as well as counterbalance and versatility of video heads.





A stand of JOBY brand joined to the family of VITEC IMAGING SOLUTONS, was also presented next to the photo, video tripods, monopods and accessories of Manfrotto.





SIGMA have represented the most recent development SIGMA CINE LENS.

New models in high-speed line Sigma Cine FF. All lenses in the FF High-Speed ​​Prime Line, including the new 28 mm T1.5 FF, 40 mm T1.5 FF and 105 mm T1.5 FF, are compatible with full-frame image sensors and optimized for ultra-high-resolution 6K-8K shooting.





ROTOLIGHT, the British manufacturer of LED lights for professionals of imaging industry, performed models in lines of ANOVA, NEO and AEOS, awarded with such awards as IABM, CINEC and many others.