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New in CINE lenses 06.12.2019

 Dear Readers!

We glad to inform you about the new cine lenses SIGMA /i Technology compatible PL mount primes and FF Classic Prime Line.
SIGMA /i Technology compatible PL mount primes have electrical contacts on its mount, which sends the lens meta data (focal length, focus distance, T number, depth of field, etc) to the camera body. Such data is highly valued in postproduction and VFX (Visual Effects) shooting. Thanks to the new feature, it makes more accurate and natural digital composite possible. Some of the /i Technology compatible PL mount primes were already used in the film “Top Gun: Maverick”. 


The SIGMA FF Classic Prime Line is a series of 10 cine Art prime lenses that offers classical look and high-resolution expression at the same time. In order to achieve the consistent performance throughout the lineup, SIGMA purposefully implemented some non-coated optical elements, and it enables to enjoy tastefully low contrast and aesthetically appealing flare/ghost. Also, the unified T values (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest at T2.5) are helpful to users for the improvement in work efficiency. Even though the T number is slower than the original primes, it has same F number, meaning the same bokeh effects are possible. The lenses are of course weather resistant and having “Makie” gold engrave made in Aizu on its body.