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Rotolight has launched a High Speed Sync to FUJIFILM cameras 19.09.2018

Rotolight has launched a High Speed Sync (HSS) transmitter optimised for Fujifilm camera systems, in collaboration with Elinchrom.

Rotolight Press Release


Pinewood Studios, London, 18th September 2017:  Award-winning British LED lighting manufacturer, Rotolight, has announced the launch of a High Speed Sync (HSS) transmitter optimised for Fujifilm camera systems, in collaboration with Elinchrom. As one of the first High Speed Sync transmitters available for Fujifilm cameras, the Rotolight HSS transmitter in combination with Rotolight’s award-winning lighting products, represents a fantastic pairing for both photographers and filmmakers.

“As the system grows, so do the demands from our users for compatibility with third-party accessories.  This is why we are so happy to have an HSS transmitter for our X Series and GFX System so that our photographers can expand their creativity with the use of the Rotolight range,” says FUJIFILM UK Marketing Manager, Andreas Georghiades.

Fujifilm have already established themselves as an innovator in mirrorless technology, most recently with the X-H1 model being awarded Best Mirrorless Camera (2018/19) by EISA. Rotolight’s pioneering LEDs offer the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, creating a natural synergy between Fujifilm’s mirrorless X Series that will streamline photographers’ workflows and optimise creative time on shoots. Also offering the added power of HSS flash with zero recycle time, Rotolight delivers an all-in-one solution for photographers on the go.

“We’ve seen a lot of demand from Fujifilm shooters eagerly awaiting the compatible HSS transmitter so that they can unlock the full potential of the Rotolight range, and we are delighted to now welcome them to the family,” says Rotolight managing director, Rod Aaron Gammons.

Filmmakers will also benefit from the partnership by being able to remotely control colour temperature (3150-6300K) and brightness as well as Rotolight’s CineSFXTM; a suite of customisable cinematic lighting effects such as lightning, fire, gunshot, and paparazzi, providing a versatile creative toolset for filmmakers and cinematographers. The Rotolight HSS transmitters enable users to wirelessly control up to ten lights, in four groups, at a distance of up to 200m (656ft), whilst providing rock-solid reliability, range, flexibility and control for multiple off camera lighting setups.