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We are pleased to inform you the availability, price and other details of the new SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31.

The new SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 allows PL mount lenses to be used with L-Mount cameras, including SIGMA fp. This enables SIGMA fp users to use PL mount cine lenses, which are widely used in the filmmaking industry.

MC-31 has shim adjustments on two points of the mount. Adjustments can be made with a shim kit (Supplied) on the camera side of the mount, or a shim for ARRI digital cinema cameras on the lens side.

MC-31 supports users' shooting experience from multiple aspects. It has a robust body fully made of metal. Also, if a lens requires tighter mounting, it can be adjusted by releasing the stopper of the locking ring. This enables the lens to be locked securely on the converter.

In order to achieve the comfortable shooting in various environments, removable tripod socket is attached. Users can use a tripod, and they also can attach other accessories to customize their own shooting style. In addition, when the lens needs to be changed in the dark environment, the luminous paint, which is also used for SIGMA cine lenses will help users to replace or adjust a lens in the dark. For MC-31, these aspects are adjusted to satisfy users' requirements and provide comfortable shooting experience for any creator.

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